Kathy Shaw


Hi i’m Kathy. I work 1-1 with Teenagers and adults who are struggling to cope with life changes such as school, friendships, separation, divorce, loss, aging, moving, new job etc, and the feelings that can occur as a result, such as stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, low mood and depression. As a qualified counsellor and life coach, who has experienced numerous life transitions, I can help you to make sense of  any change in your life that you did not expect and prepare you for the changes in your life that you want to make.

Feeling “stuck”

The other potential aspect you may wish to explore in counselling is when you feel as though you are not transitioning or changing but are feeling "stuck". 

You may feel as though you have little or no control over situations. Your life is not your own and is dictated to by the people around you (partner, family, society, teachers, boss etc). Life is becoming unbearable and is causing you to feel sad, anxious, worthless, or a myriad of other emotions. You may be questioning where you are in your life and how you would like to be moving forward.

Take a stance! Get the support you need to help you find your inner strength to take action, make decisions and live the life you want.  

Why counselling?

Counselling provides the space and time to look at your life and to talk about your life in a way in which you may never have done before. It is a confidential and non judgemental space to explore and navigate your feelings. A place to help you discover new coping strategies that allow you to adapt in difficult and uncertain times. It is a place to manage your own wellbeing, connect with yourself again, reflect on your life and develop your resilience.


Visit my website at www.shawlifecounsellingandtraining.com for more information

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