Didem Uruk

Holistic Massage Therapist

Hi, I’m Didem. After having retired from a corporate bank in Turkey in 2017, I moved to UK, and decided to pursue a carrier in helping people to make them relax and relieve their pains associated with stressful daily living and working.

In May 2017 my sister and brother in law have introduced me to Matrix Rhythm Therapy. This therapy helped my brother in law to heal in 2015 following on from failed back surgery syndrome. 
The Therapy has been founded in 1990’s in Germany but it is new in the UK. This Innovative Therapy is against pain and restricted mobility. It has very successful outcomes. There is a scientific research behind it. It works via gentle vibrations. 

I was amazed with the very successful results of this therapy and witnessed the effectiveness of the therapy in other people with longstanding resistant pain due to various reasons, I decided to become a Matrix Rhythm therapist. In July 2017, I attended to the basic seminar and workshop in Germany given by Dr Randoll who is the founder of the therapy.

After completing this seminar, workshop successfully I became a therapist of this therapy. Since then, I have been successfully and effectively using this therapy for treating and preventing medical conditions connected with the musculoskeletal system. 

After being qualified as a Matrix Rhythm Therapist, to further improve my massage skills, I successfully completed the ITEC Level 3 Diploma Course in Holistic Massage with the grade of Merit and became a qualified holistic body massage therapist. Later on, I also got my Deep Tissue Massage certification.

Now, I am offering all treatments separately and in combination and getting successful outcomes more effectively and much quicker in relieving pain, muscle tension and reducing stress. 

I am qualified and a fully insured member of The Federation of Holistic Therapies. I am a compassionate, friendly, reliable manual therapist using a holistic approach and integrating different modalities to heal and restore. I am passionate about helping people who are in need. I would be very happy to help the disadvantaged and elderly clients as well as others.

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